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AppleMagazine – Issue 343, May 25, 2018-P2P

AppleMagazine is a weekly publication packed with news, iTunes and Apps reviews, interviews and original articles on anything and everything Apple. Apple Magazine brings a new concept of light, intelligent, innovative reading to your fingertips; with a global view of Apple and its influence on our lives – be it leisure activities, family or work-collaborative projects. Elegantly designed and highly interactive, Apple magazine will also keep you updated on the latest weekly news. It’s that simple! It’s all about Apple and its worldwide culture influence, all in one place, and only one tap away.

AppleMagazine – Issue 343, May 25, 2018-P2P
English | 212 pages | True PDF | 37.8 MB

The Economist USA – May 26, 2018-P2P

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.

The Economist USA – May 26, 2018-P2P
English | 84 pages | True PDF | 8.4 MB

Dissent by Ralph Young-P2P

Dissent: The History of an American Idea examines the key role dissent has played in shaping the United States. It focuses on those who, from colonial days to the present, dissented against the ruling paradigm of their time: from the Puritan Anne Hutchinson and Native American chief Powhatan in the seventeenth century, to the Occupy and Tea Party movements in the twenty-first century. The emphasis is on the way Americans, celebrated figures and anonymous ordinary citizens, responded to what they saw as the injustices that prevented them from fully experiencing their vision of America.
At its founding the United States committed itself to lofty ideals. When the promise of those ideals was not fully realized by all Americans, many protested and demanded that the United States live up to its promise. Women fought for equal rights; abolitionists sought to destroy slavery; workers organized unions; Indians resisted white encroachment on their land; radicals angrily demanded an end to the dominance of the moneyed interests; civil rights protestors marched to end segregation; antiwar activists took to the streets to protest the nation’s wars; and reactionaries, conservatives, and traditionalists in each decade struggled to turn back the clock to a simpler, more secure time. Some dissenters are celebrated heroes of American history, while others are ordinary people: frequently overlooked, but whose stories show that change is often accomplished through grassroots activism.
The United States is a nation founded on the promise and power of dissent. In this stunningly comprehensive volume, Ralph Young shows us its history.

Dissent: The History of an American Idea by Ralph Young-P2P
English | 640 pages | ePUB |9.5 MB

British Liberal Leaders by Duncan Brack -P2P

The British Liberal Party, and its successor, the Liberal Democrats, has a good claim to be the oldest political party in the world. From the Whigs of 1679 to the formation of the Liberal Party in 1859, and then to 1988 and the merger with the Social Democratic Party to form today’s Liberal Democrats, politicians of all these labels held to a core of liberal principles: the belief in individual liberty; the quest for an equitable society at home and abroad; and the pursuit of reform, in the economic and social spheres as well as the political, with the aim of enlarging freedom for all.This book is the story of those parties’ leaders, from Earl Grey, who led the Whigs through the Great Reform Act of 1832, to Nick Clegg, the first Liberal leader to enter government for more than sixty years. Chapters written by experts in Liberal history cover such towering political figures as Palmerston, Gladstone, Asquith and Lloyd George; those, such as Sinclair, Clement Davies and Grimond, who led the party during its darkest hours; and those who led its revival, including David Steel, Roy Jenkins and Paddy Ashdown.Interviews with recent leaders are included, along with an analysis of the characteristics required to be an effective Liberal leader.

oubayed -P2P
English | 528 pages | ePUB | 1 MB

East of the Grand Ummayad by Sami Moubayed-P2P

In the Middle East under Ottoman rule Freemasonry was tolerated, emerging in the ancient city of Damascus as early as 1868 and continuing under colonial rule. In 1941, after Hitler’s occupation of Paris, the Vichy French outlawed Freemasonry in all French territory and colonies. During World War II in Syria, Freemasonry emerged as Vichy control weakened and it continued to exist until it was outlawed by Syria’s Baath regime in 1965, two years after they took power.
East of the Grand Umayyad is the story of Damascus Freemasonry from 1868 until 1965. It shows how the crème-de-la-crème of Syrian society were Freemasons, men such as Fares al-Khoury and Abdul Rahman Shahbandar (leaders of the anti-colonial movement). This book shows how they contributed to the building of their societies through scholarly work in an academic setting, politics, industry, and philanthropy.

East of the Grand Ummayad: Freemasonry in Damascus 1868-1968 by Sami Moubayed -P2P
English | 431 pages | ePUB | 2.1 MB


Trafalgar by Alan Schom-P2P

The Battle of Trafalgar is well-known for the magnanimous nature of the British victory, even though it cost the nation its greatest hero Lord Admiral, Horatio Nelson. For this reason, the battle itself has been remembered as a momentary success, the resulted only from a stroke of immediate genius or from a brief plan.
But as Alan Schom shows, the Battle of 21 October 1805, a meeting of the might of the British and French navies, was the result of a strategy laid out by the British Admiralty two years earlier, in 1803.
The period from that year until the Battle of Trafalgar was known as ‘the Great Terror’, when British naval forces were on constant alert for attacks by the Frenchman. Various political figures are written about, debating manoeuvres and quota of ships to be constructed, and putting down mutinies.

Trafalgar: Countdown to Battle, 1803-1805 by Alan Schom  -P2P
English | 431 pages | ePUB | 1 MB

New Scientist – May 26, 2018-P2P

New Scientist is a weekly international science magazine and website covering recent developments in science and technology for a general English-speaking audience. New Scientist has maintained a website since 1996, publishing daily news. As well as covering current events and news from the scientific community, the magazine often features speculative articles, ranging from the technical to the philosophical.

New Scientist – May 26, 2018-P2P
English | 60 pages | True PDF | 7.3 MB

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